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The name that wasn’t meant to be

The tests have come back positive - you're going to have a baby! No rush to find a name: you have months to agonize over the perfect cadence, the syllables and letters that will lovingly match the rest of the family's designations. So when you are spared just ten minutes to pull a worthy name… Continue reading The name that wasn’t meant to be

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What, only 3 tips for mighty good blogging?

What were you expecting? A bigger number of tips or a different question? A headline should do that - make the reader curious enough to continue and find out what's in it for him or her. If the word "blogging" pulled you in you're presumably already a blogger or raring to go as one? Whatever… Continue reading What, only 3 tips for mighty good blogging?

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100 WordPress Tips for Beginners

Thanks to George and the gang, I've been hanging around the virtual WordPress cooler all year, picking up mean website builder tips, oohing at plugins I hadn't previously understood a need for, aahing at custom solutions for theme niggles, and generally sharing digital marketing tidbits with WordPress enthusiasts around the globe. It's a support network… Continue reading 100 WordPress Tips for Beginners