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The time that time stood still

Plenty of time, a whole handful of hours left to prep the slides, print off handouts, review the latest draft newsletter, clean a few dozen database entries, put the finishing touches on a post-event mailer, provide comment on a new website layout, tweak a LinkedIn profile, create another one, ...flicker, flutter, gone. Had my to-do… Continue reading The time that time stood still

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Get your brief on…

and outsource your marketing needs! As the owner of a small business, you have plenty of things to be focussing on. You’re used to doing it all yourself and love the challenge, but you no longer have the time to manage it all. Plus the growing demands to be an expert in so many different… Continue reading Get your brief on…


Hark – your business doth protest too much, methinks?

When was the last time you had a heart-to-heart with that very special entity in your life, your business? It’s an appointment that tends to be rescheduled in favour of more important events in your calendar. When your daily in-the-business activities leave you no space to contemplate the future of your empire, the time has surely come… Continue reading Hark – your business doth protest too much, methinks?


The funny thing about tag lines

Over the years, I have worked for all sorts of companies as an interim director, marketing coordinator or just-do-it'er. Whether this meant temporarily heading up a department in an international corporation or minding the show in the owner's absence for a while, it was never a role I, as the owner of Business-Sitter, took lightly. Looking after someone's… Continue reading The funny thing about tag lines


Business-sitting is not only for Christmas

 Back at the turn of the century, when I was handed my debut "sitting" assignment, it came with a newly-cut purple key to the agency offices, a list of contact details and - what I interpreted as - a thankful smile as agency owner, Steve, rushed to the airport on his 'first vacation in years'. It was a bit like… Continue reading Business-sitting is not only for Christmas