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100 WordPress Tips for Beginners

Thanks to George and the gang, I've been hanging around the virtual WordPress cooler all year, picking up mean website builder tips, oohing at plugins I hadn't previously understood a need for, aahing at custom solutions for theme niggles, and generally sharing digital marketing tidbits with WordPress enthusiasts around the globe. It's a support network… Continue reading 100 WordPress Tips for Beginners

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Get your brief on…

and outsource your marketing needs! As the owner of a small business, you have plenty of things to be focussing on. You’re used to doing it all yourself and love the challenge, but you no longer have the time to manage it all. Plus the growing demands to be an expert in so many different… Continue reading Get your brief on…

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Brilliant SEO cheat sheet

Here's another delightful infographic display of  need-to-know marketing geekness. This Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors comes courtesy of Search Engine Land. Click on it for the full-blown version and answers to the questions that are no doubt forming in your mind. May SEO crackers continue to persevere as long as Google continues to modify… Continue reading Brilliant SEO cheat sheet

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Seven habitual planets in the social media universe

An irresistible call to action - "Embed the image above on your site" - is like waving a pin-virgin image at a Pinterest pinner on a voyage through the visual universe. While pondering the future dimensions of copyright issue, I gratefully share this rocket-powered study of virtual terrestrial behaviours courtesy of  Online MBA Resource.

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Cultural Evaluations

So I've dabbled in a little global marketing, coordinated the odd multi-national brand roll-out and herded a few international advertising creatives in my time, all of which translates into an ability to side-step - or sometimes walk straight into - the inevitable cultural faux pas. Who knew that bare feet wouldn't stand (pun intended) the test of the Korean brand manager? Or that a typographical poster campaign for a… Continue reading Cultural Evaluations


Hark – your business doth protest too much, methinks?

When was the last time you had a heart-to-heart with that very special entity in your life, your business? It’s an appointment that tends to be rescheduled in favour of more important events in your calendar. When your daily in-the-business activities leave you no space to contemplate the future of your empire, the time has surely come… Continue reading Hark – your business doth protest too much, methinks?