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The Hiatus Bubble

I decided to step away from my own soapbox for a few weeks. After all, there was a handful of fundraising events to coordinate, a business development strategy to devise and communicate, a couple of websites needing recalibration and some unexpected travel thrown in, after which came the rebranding campaign before hurtling into a major… Continue reading The Hiatus Bubble

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How to create generic brand advertising

In my grand old days of multinational ad campaigns, shoots in exotic locations, securing global music rights or model buyouts for mass media viewing and ensuring the corporate tagline was spot on across all markets, the biggest fear the creative team faced was Not-Invented-Here syndrome. Having created a most unusual response to the brief, one… Continue reading How to create generic brand advertising

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The name that wasn’t meant to be

The tests have come back positive - you're going to have a baby! No rush to find a name: you have months to agonize over the perfect cadence, the syllables and letters that will lovingly match the rest of the family's designations. So when you are spared just ten minutes to pull a worthy name… Continue reading The name that wasn’t meant to be

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What, only 3 tips for mighty good blogging?

What were you expecting? A bigger number of tips or a different question? A headline should do that - make the reader curious enough to continue and find out what's in it for him or her. If the word "blogging" pulled you in you're presumably already a blogger or raring to go as one? Whatever… Continue reading What, only 3 tips for mighty good blogging?

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The time that time stood still

Plenty of time, a whole handful of hours left to prep the slides, print off handouts, review the latest draft newsletter, clean a few dozen database entries, put the finishing touches on a post-event mailer, provide comment on a new website layout, tweak a LinkedIn profile, create another one, ...flicker, flutter, gone. Had my to-do… Continue reading The time that time stood still

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Putting Hangouts to the mobile test

A few days ago the group brought along their devices to our weekly meeting for a Google+ Hangouts trial. After dismissing the odd TV remote control (define “device”!), we settled down to discover the potential liberation and some of the hang-ups of Hangouts. The bottom line is that you need a Gmail account to use… Continue reading Putting Hangouts to the mobile test