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I decided to step away from my own soapbox for a few weeks.
the soapy hiatus bubbleAfter all, there was a handful of fundraising events to coordinate, a business development strategy to devise and communicate, a couple of websites needing recalibration and some unexpected travel thrown in, after which came the rebranding campaign before hurtling into a major operations management overhaul. As the weeks of external roles vying ever more for my attention extended into months, I hardly missed the Self-Promotion laundry list to consistently air my own brand, in fact is was a relief to push the door of my own marketing to.

When we slip meaningfully into a position on someone else’s team, our own identity naturally folds into the purpose of the greater good. We don the other business’s cape with an @ at their email address, with maybe a business card to boot, and focus on what needs to be done in the interim guise. Project managed, we hang up one role for another, and allow the next one to wash over us.

Not minding my own business was freeing at first – no content to craft or curate, no media platforms to nurture or forums in which to participate, no pitches, no presentations, no networking. While I continued to write and share for others, and represent other entities in person or online, I started to lose touch with my own audience. The longer I was vacat(ion)ing, the more I was withdrawing from my own brand identity.

What had felt like a squeaky clean hiatus was turning squeaky – it was time to return and pop the bubble. Duly done and reporting for business, let me know what you’ve missed about my blogging and what I can write about to make it up to you!

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